Prince Harry Celebrates His 30th

Prince Harry turns 30 on September 15 of this year (2014) and will inherit more than 10 million pounds from his mother Diana when he does so.  We have a review of Prince Harry at 30 on ITV for you. It’s hard to believe he’s 30 years old already — I still have his baby pictures! But he’s now very mature and needs really only one thing — a wife. Let’s see what Prince Harry is all about…

Prince Harry

“HE’S like a free spirit, which I think is rare in his line of work.” No, not George Osborne, rather Prince Harry, who turns 30 this month, an occasion, experience tells him, best not celebrated with either fancy dress ball or naked pool party.

Cameras have been focused on Prince Harry from the moment he was born. Amazing where photographers had access to back then.

Famously, his mother posed with him on the steps of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. In the background, you could see Sarah Ferguson cleaning them.

From there he’s gone on to be troubled teen, frontline soldier, and arguably the world’s most eligible bachelor. I say ‘arguably’ because obviously Joey Essex comes close.

“He’s incredibly charming when you meet him,” reported Majesty Magazine editor Ingrid Seward.

“He’s funny and reminds me of his mum because he’s very quick-witted.” They say the same of Phil Mitchell and Peggy.

However, there are those who’ve experienced a different side. “I remember once he had a pop at me because I’d written a story about him,” reported one Royal editor. Understandable, it really was daft to link him to Kerry Katona.

What’s obvious to anyone is that, when allowed the opportunity to do so, Harry’s not one for standing on ceremony.

“He’s just a normal guy,” recalled an injured ex-Marine who Harry had supported in recovery.

“I keep calling him ‘bloke’ because you just have a pint with him down the pub.” Look out for him playing cribbage in the Burton Stores, Hanley.

Harry’s also patron of the Walking With The Wounded charity.

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Prince Harry is turning 30 ears old on the 15th of this month and will receive a whopping 10 million pounds as he does. Not many are as privileged as he, and Britain loves him. He’s made an impression on the rest of the world also, but he really does need to start thinking about a wife, don’t you think? Happy birthday Prince Harry! We wish you the best.

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