Prey with John Simm Watched by 5.7 Million Viewers

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Prey, starring John Simm, won the ratings game during it’s first episode last night on ITV. John, who has plenty of experience playing ‘nutter’ roles, is elated at the 5.7 million viewers figure. It may be the bloodiest crime drama ever, but viewers love it.

John Simm
John Simm as Detective Sergeant Marcus Farrow

New John Simm ITV drama Prey was Monday night’s biggest TV ratings winner, excluding soaps, according to overnight figures.

The 9pm police thriller was watched by an average of 5.7 million, with another 562,000 tuning in on +1.

Over on BBC One, 3.3 million watched Crimewatch during the same timeslot.

One Born Every Minute pulled in 1.7 million viewers for Channel 4 at 9pm while Rupert Everett’s Love for Sale attracted 987 thousand at 10pm.


Poor John Simm. The publicity photo for Prey, last night’s new three-part drama on ITV, showed him cowering behind a wall oozing blood, and this accurately set the tone for an unabated misery-fest of a programme.

We watched as Simm’s character, Detective Constable Marcus Farrow, was smashed up in a car crash, stabbed with a pencil, hit by another car, wrongly accused of murder, told his son was dead, forced to pull the pencil out of his own chest, and chased panting and bleeding through the streets of Manchester. Next thing you know, they’ll make the man go to Ikea on a Saturday.

Things began to go seriously wrong for Farrow, a chirpy everyman with a bad tie and broken marriage, when the corpse of a long-dead Turkish gangster washed up. Clearly, Farrow had spent too much time investigating crime and not enough time watching crime dramas on TV, because he tracked down one of the gangster’s contacts in a dodgy pub, unaware that disaster would inevitably ensue. It ensued. When Farrow returned to the home of his estranged wife, whom he still loved, he found her bleeding to death from stab wounds.

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Prey is off to a great start, capturing the most viewers during it’s first episode last night. With more action and more violence than most ITV dramas, Prey is sure to continue to attract millions of viewers. John Simm is doing a wonderful job.


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