Phil’s almost discovered Sharon’s secret

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Sharon Mitchell may be about to finally see her husband catch her out on her massive secret. Phil has been fairly oblivious about the truth of Sharon’s pregnancy, but Lisa’s outburst at the Vic meant he can’t help but question.

Understandably, Lisa was feeling particularly emotionally volatile at Mel’s funeral. The fact that Sharon paid for the funeral against Lisa’s wishes drove her to a livid outrage. At The Vic pub, she yelled to Sharon “…you want to know what that dirty little secret is? You want to know? That baby ain’t Phil’s!”

Phil didn’t just take her word for it though. When he asked his wife what Lisa was talking about, she covered herself by telling him “She’s just upset and not well. Don’t hold it against her.”

Although this did soothe his suspicions at the time somewhat, Sharon’s not off the hook yet. Phi’s decision to ask Keanu to help him work out what’s going on is unlikely to bring him many answers though. Since Keanu is the real father of the unborn child, he’s probably going to do all he can to keep Phil’s efforts aimed elsewhere. Currently, the betrayed husband has his eye on Jack with Sharon, since the two have a history together.

We do know that Danny Walters, who plays the role of Keanu, is leaving the show shortly. To those who predict the worst outcome, Phil’s realisation of the truth may be followed by him attacking the father of his wife’s unborn child. By enlisting Keanu to help him, his reaction is likely to be even more dramatic if he is to ever learn of the truth, considering that the pointless endeavour is likely to temporarily bring the two closest together.

Things seem set to turn out horribly for everyone, we’ve got to hope no one gets hurt too much.

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