Phillip Schofield shares picture without any make-up


Phillip Schofield has been on our TV screens for almost 30 years. But after one follower asked him on Twitter how does he look without any make-up, Phillip decided to share a photo without any war paint on, so fans can see how he looks off-screen.

And at 50 year old he proved that he actually doesn’t need any television make-up because there is not much difference there! He looked relaxed in a casual red jumper, a T-shirt and a smile on his face.

The This Morning and Dancing on Ice presenter has become a heartthrob and quite an icon for men with grey-hair, when he gave up the hair dye and decided to embrace his natural looks. Even though he declared once that he finds the ageing process is kind of hard to deal with: I hate it. It causes me deep personal anguish. I don’t like ageing, I don’t like being older, time is going too fast, and life is like a train running at high speed. I have a real problem with it.

But despite all his personal anguish about ageing, Phillip has some true admirers, who really look up to him and wants to turn up like him when he gets older. We’re talking about One Direction star Niall Horan who recently declared in an interview that Phillip Schofield is his personal icon. It wouldn’t bother me if I had grey hair cos I love grey hair. I always tell Phillip Schofield that I’m very envious of him, Niall said.

Erin, the person who tweeted the requested replied to Phillip picture, saying that this left her feeling ‘very special’. But the presenter’s good spirit and fun nature led to more cheeky replies, with one follower tweeting : @Shoefe you look fab, what do you look like without clothes on? There is no information whether Phillip has replied to that or not, but surely satisfying that request will bring him a big increase in his fan base.