Phillip Schofield tucks into a tasty lunch of Fox meat on This Morning!

Philip Schofield
Philip Schofield

ITV’s this Morning turns a bit gruesome as it’s roadkill for lunch.

So we know time have been a bit tough recently with the double dip recession and the government pulling ever tighter on their purse strings, but it seems even a well established ITV show such as this morning cannot escape. Usually during the cookery  segments on breakfast shows such as This Morning we are treated to a glorious mouth watering feast that has us reaching for a notepad to jot down the instructions. Sometimes presenters focus on the speed it takes to make the meal giving us handy tips on how to cook well without it taking up too much of our time. Others perhaps focus on how to feed a big family showing how to make a healthy nutritious and delicious meal without breaking the bank. But Fox? Has it gone too far?

No it wasn’t some sort of bizarre stunt for Halloween, the presenters along with RSB president Miranda Krestonikof were really using the segment to encourage veiwers to tuck into some tasty treats that could be found on British roadside.

The rather strange roadkill dish  was cooked up by the president herself in order to promote the benefits of eating different types of animals that may have met their untimely end on the roads. Of course not all animals are fit for human consumption but the Fox seemed to be a perfectly delicious meal.

Miranda Krestonikof, a 40 year old specialist in all things to do with animals and nature explained how good t=making meals out of this type of food could be saying:

: “It’s lean, healthy, organic, free, guilt-free and as fresh as fresh can be. Only do it if you’re 100 per cent happy about what you’re cooking.”

Philip Schofiled seemed completely unfazed at the idea of eating a bit of roadside meat and was happy to be the programmes taste tester and without hesitation tried a mouthful of the freshly pan fried fox. Holly Willoughby his co presenter unfortunately did not feel the same, refusing to try the dish and instead opting for a safer cheese sandwhich. She explained her reason for refusing to try the fox saying

“I would be worried the animal wasn’t very well – maybe its just the word roadkill.” She then joked:

“Look, it’s a silver fox eating a fox.” To which  Phil replied: “Don’t say that.”

Schofiled described the fox as gamey but seemed to think it was perfectly OK to eat and wasn’t put off by the fact that it had been scraped off the road at all!

However viewers seemed to hold a different opinion with some taking to Twitter to express their disapproval and disgust.

If it’s healthy, ethical and free, and doesn’t quite resemble a bush tucker trial we say why not?!

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