Phil is putting the puzzle together, and Mel is in for a shock!

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It’s all happening in eastenders this week, as we see phil trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together as to who attacked him.  He remembers hearing a conversation between Ben and Jay by his hospital bedside, which he later goes to Jay for confirmation of what was said. However after talking to Shirley, something jogs his memory and he ends up heading straight towards Kat, has he sussed that she, or someone she knows attacked him?


Last week saw Callum saddened by the death of his comrade, who we learn he has romantic liaisons, but he is keeping it locked inside, and is still going ahead with his marriage to Whitney. However this week he lets down Stuart by having to break the news, that he’s not his best man. However will Rainie manage to cheer Stuart up when she invites him round to her empty house.

Also this week Mel getting some shocking news. Mel had got a worrying phone-call during the week, and turned to Gray for some advice.  She learned that her son Hunter was then going to be moved to another prison. Mel met with Gray to discuss her son’s case, but Gray informs her that there is nothing she can do.

Mel goes to the prison to try to talk to someone, but then returns home and gets a phone-call telling her that her son Hunter has escaped from prison.  we know that Mel, played by Tamzin Outhwaite will be leaving the Eastenders family this year, so will this also be the storyline that reveals how she will be exiting, and possibly with her son!

Hunter was locked away in prison after he shot Ray Kelly who was his step father. He shot him over a dramatic storyline that happened over New Year.

Mel demands to know now he could possibly have escaped, and demands the Police find him as soon as possible.

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