Peaches Vs Katie on ITV’s This Morning.

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Peaches Geldof
Peaches Geldof

Katie Hopkins creates controversy once again with her strong parenting views but Peaches Geldof puts her in her place.

Well she is done it again. Katie Hopkins has once again rustled the feathers of another celebrity parent and many many viewers on the This Morning sofa.

Of course not one to shy away from a good argument Peaches Geldof stood her ground. The firey pair were obviously tense before the show had even started as their previous Twitter spat had got out of hand. They were brought together to discuss the theory of attachment parenting, one which Peaches Geldof very much advocates, even admitting to sleeping in a bed with her son rather than her husband in the past. Katie however strongly disagrees with the method branding it CR-AP parenting instead. She firmly believes letting in the old fashioned stigma of children ‘being seen but not heard’ and commented that letting a child cry was a good lesson for it rather than rushing to its side to comfort it every time it opens its mouth.

Katie rather cruelly kept referring to Peaches incident where her child was accidentally knocked out of his pram when Peaches tripped over a crack in the pavement. Unfortunately the picture went to press and looked bad at the time as Peaches was on the phone. However silver fox and fellow parents Philip Schofield was quick to jump to Peaches defence when Katie brought it up again on the show.

Peaches however seems to have got over the heated discussion and tweeted a picture of herself with Katie after the show, Peaches was smiling and looking gorgeous while a rather sour faced Katie didn’t seem able to even muster a smile for the snap looking rather dour before she left the This Morning Studio’s.

Peaches was quick to celebrate her victory over the opinionated Hopkins Tweeting “Well… That was easy. Think I know who won that one. Hopkins was literally SHAKING when I shook her hand afterwards.

Perhaps not quite as eloquently as some of her tweets which pointed out the obvious problems with allowing someone who Peaches suggested is politically incorrect in every way Peaches ended her Twitter tirade by writing:

If she even tries to insult her own children on live television again, or anyone else for that matter, I may or may not have to lamp her one.”

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