The Paul O’Grady Show is Back on ITV

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The Paul O’Grady show is back and what a show it is! From donkeys to illusionists, Paul O’Grady always hosts quite a diverse set of guests. The Internet is loaded with comments in forums about yesterday’s show which shows social media is watching closely. The illusionist Matthew will appear on the Paul O’Grady show and we discuss him in this article.

Paul O'Grady

Illusionist Matthew is currently one of the UK’s most sought after illusionists. He has travelled the world with his large-scale illusion shows performing at numerous corporate events internationally. His dynamic style of illusion has also taken him to perform at casinos and resorts across the globe. Perfect for corporate entertainment.

He is constantly booked as an Illusionist by the most elite cruise lines in the world such as Regent and Oceania Cruises and has also gained much respect from his fellow magicians by winning some of the most prestigious titles in magic. In 2007 the British Magical Society honoured him with the title of The British Magical Champion.

If you are looking for something with a real WOW factor for your next event, then booking Illusionist Matthew could be the answer. His fast paced illusion show is perfect for large events such as awards nights or after dinner entertainment. When hiring Matthew as an Illusionist you can be guaranteed an outstanding reaction from your guests. The most incredible illusions have assistants appear and disappear in the blink of an eye and where you can’t quite believe what you are seeing. Illusionist Matthew can also introduce the VIP at the event in style by having them appear from one of his illusions. Or have you ever dreamed of having the MD cut in half?

Corporate Illusionist

Needless to say these illusions are a massive hit with guests and will easily be the one of the highlights of the night. He has also used his illusionist skills as a corporate magician to produce fridge freezers and cars at store openings and to grab the attention of the crowd at trade shows.

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The Paul O’Grady show is back with a bang. You won’t want to miss the Illusionist Matthew, in the video shown at the link above. Tell us whether you watch the Paul O’Grady show and if so, what you think of it.

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