Paul and terese are confronted by all of Paul’s exes, how will Terese react???

It’s all happening for Paul Robinson in the run up to his wedding on Neighbours.  All his exes have come back to haunt him, what have got in store, and how will his fiance Terese Willis react? 

Paul knows that something isn’t quite right, as all his exes appear to be popping up out of the woodworks, just at the point of him about to get married. 

The ex who actually tried to kill Paul, Rebecca Napier, turns up again, which rightfully so, makes Paul a bit concerned.  Rebecca had pushed Paul off the mezzanine, is she back to finish off the job???

He thinks that all the exes might be conspiring together in the run up to his nuptials. He tries to interrogate his ex Gail to get the truth from her.  Terese then catches Paul and Rebecca in what looks like a heated discussions, but Paul says it was about trying to find out the truth about the night Rebecca pushed him off the mezzanine.

Rebecca ends up talking to Terese and gives her a very stern warning that she should not marry Paul, and hopes that Terese will end up calling off the wedding, but her words have the opposite effect, which leaves Paul relieved.  This isn’t the end of the drama for Terese, as she is then further confronted by 3 more exes when she goes to the spa. Paul is shocked to see this, and ends up trying to call off the wedding himself, but Terese suggests maybe they should just go to Vegas and elope! So will they have their happily ever after, after all?

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