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Simon Cowell’s Son Is Already Playing the Drums!

Simon Cowell's Son

Simon Cowell’s son Eric is already a musical prodigy, playing drums along with One Direction. Looking to One Direction for his inspiration and to his father Simon for encouragement, Read more Closing date: Unknown

Dapper Laughs Cut by ITV After First Season

Dapper Laughs

adDapper Laughs, barely a season old, has been cut by ITV. IT will finish out this season but then the show must not go on. The reason? It’s due to a Read more Closing date: Unknown

Downton Abbey Commissioned for Sixth Series on ITV

Downton Abbey Sixth Season

Downton Abbey has been commissioned for a sixth series by ITV. In it’s 5th season, Downton Abbey proved to be ITV’s most popular drama, winning worldwide acclaim including production Read more Closing date: Unknown

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Grantchester Pub Regulars Star in ITV Drama Series

Grantchester Pub Regulars

The Grantchester effect is not fully known, but traffic has increased since the Grantchester detective drama series started. The drama features regulars from the The Green Man pub. People in Grantchester are wondering if Read more Closing date: Unknown

Did you know the UK have the biggest cash prize television viewer competitions in the world? Similar to the lottery, the money you can win has the potential to make you rich overnight. Weekly prize draws and competitions often top a quarter of a million pounds in cash (we’ve even seen a prize of £500,000 from ITV daytime!), holidays, gadgets and cars, with television station itv being the most generous (stv in Scotland and utv in Northern Ireland). Many Internet and TV programmes have a free online entry, however some do not & entry must be made by premium phone or sms. Channel 5 competitions(channel5.com/win) almost always require premium rate entry, as do the latest ITV competitions (itv.com/win or stv.tv/win). In these cases, it is usually cheaper to enter using a postcard if that is an option. Some channels still allow free online entry such as recent comps from BBC and the Sky Discovery Channel.

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