Olly Murs O2 arena show to be streamed live on Friday

Olly Murs 02 arena show is going to be streamed live this Friday March 27,2013.  Now you can watch the entire show ‘on the cheap’ from Olly Murs own Facebook Page!  This is a great business decision for the Olly Murs team and will increase the attendance of the show into the hundreds of thousands if not millions.  Will you watch or are you going in person?


ollymurs_righttimerightplaceshootIt has been revealed that Olly Murs will stream his O2 show live and in HD this Friday through Livebeats.  The player, which anyone can view will be available on his Facebook page which can be found here.

The show, which features songs from Murs’ double-platinum album Right Place Right Time has been working its way through the UK since it began in February. The tour, which is sold out will reach London’s O2 arena this Friday, the 29th of March.

Livebeats are the company that will be co-producing the show alongside ABC Entertainmentand promise to deliver uninterrupted HD signal in the best quality available – sound and video.

Tickets to view the show in the player itself will cost £3.19 and a trailer for the event can be seen below.

Read more at:  http://www.imediamonkey.com/2013/03/26/olly-murs-o2-arena-show-to-be-streamed-live-on-friday/

Do you enjoy watching and listening to Olly Murs live?  I enjoyed his performances throughout the XFactor series he dominated, but haven’t followed him too much afterwards.  How about you?