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New way to audition

With all the talking about the change in the panel of judges, there are now speculations about the way people will audition for the competition. If until now hopeful souls who dreamed of a career in music could send their applications in, it seems that starting with the next season the family and friends of this talented hopefuls could apply in their name, without them knowing. So it will add the element of surprise to the contestants once they will get the call from the producers.

An inside source has told the Daily Star: It’s a new twist to freshen up the show. We are asking friends to nominate their pals who they believe are good enough to take part in the show but for some reason have never applied. It’s a fun new way to spring surprises and find singers .So it seems the spokesperson confirmed the rumours, when adding: It’s a new way of finding undiscovered talent.

This doesn’t seem very new though, if we’re thinking about the Britain’s Got Talent Star Scouts, but it might bring something fresh to the show. The normal auditions will start next month, but you can apply right now if you want on the ITV website,

What about those judges?

Meanwhile, it seems that Sharon Osbourne could be back on the X Factor’s panel but this time…in Australia. This totally contradicts the latest talk that she’d be back for the UK version. A source told Mail Online that: Simon is really keen for Sharon to go to Australia and be a judge over there. Simon knows that Sharon can be TV dynamite, and while the UK doesn’t look like it will happen, Simon is set on the idea of Sharon going to Australia – she’s part of his gang.

The chances of Cheryl Cole being on the panel are increasing, after she and Simon Cowell supposedly made up. Both of the parties could benefit from this, because Cheryl can increase the ratings and X Factor can help her position. An inside source told the Daily Record: If the deal’s right and it looks as if she would enjoy the people she would be working with, Cheryl will go back. The source added: X Factor really helped Cheryl focus when she was going through a tough time in her life and she has a soft spot for it. She’s in a good position. Both she and Cowell are aware of how much her return could help to improve ratings.

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