Sonia is reaching a new low on Eastenders

After Sonia made a huge sacrifice and took a massive risk to save Martin from George talking to the police, it looks like everything is going wrong for her. Read more

Rhona’s secret is almost out in Emmerdale

Emmerdale’s Vanessa Woodfield caught Rhona Goskirk out as the mum’s hidden plan to leave the country threatened to unravel. Rhona pleaded with Vanessa to keep her secret under wraps Read more

Eastenders’ Lisa stops Louise from a terrible mistake

Eastender’s Lisa Fowler walked into a horrible sight when she caught her daughter just before it seemed like she was going to kill baby Peggy. Louise Mitchell’s start to Read more

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Love Island viewership drops among controversy

The producers of the hit reality show Love Island may be having some sleepless nights as viewership has steeply dipped from previous peaks. Sunday’s debut winter episode was 2.51 Read more

Love Island contestant under fire

The producers of hit TV show Love Island have come under fire after photos emerged of one chosen contestant posing with dead animals that he had hunted for sport. Read more

Jade shares how Little Mix led to anorexia recovery

Little Mix singer Jade Thirwall recently revealed details about her battle in the past with anorexia and how joining the pop band helped her recover from the eating disorder. Read more