Leo goes too far and gets hurt in Eastenders

The tension between Whitney and Leo escalated to a new level last night after his stalker habits resulted in both the police and the emergency medical services to get Read more

Eastenders Mitchell family splits up

When Keanu first came into Louise Mitchell’s life, most viewers thought the dishy handyman was a catch. Further down the line, the situation with the homewrecker has escalated and Read more

Mitchells arrested for murder in Eastenders

With more and more people thinking that Phil and Ben Mitchell were responsible for Keanu’s death on Christmas, the perceived truth finally caught up with them as police put Read more

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Fiz attacks Jade on Coronation Street

Fans of Coronation Street are worried after Jade Dowan was left on the floor with blooding pouring from her head after step-mum Fiz Brown hit her. Some are even Read more

Has Dot left Eastenders?

Fans are worried that they’ve seen Dot Cotton for the last time, as her troubles at home compelled her to flee to Ireland. Dot’s Christmas had already been disrupted Read more

Linda tells Sharron about Keanu in Eastenders

Linda’s relapse into drunkenness may have begun to unravel the truth of what happened to Keanu in Eastenders. On Mick’s birthday, after it looked like things may be getting Read more

Sonia is reaching a new low on Eastenders

After Sonia made a huge sacrifice and took a massive risk to save Martin from George talking to the police, it looks like everything is going wrong for her. Read more