Newcomer and new kittens in Casualty this week!

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Back on casualty, we had reported on the situation about Ollie moving in with David and relying his fears to Rosa about inheriting his dads bi-polar condition. Ollie has now cunningly managed to persuade Rosa to move in with them, as she was about to be evicted from her own house.

As well as this newcomer to the house, they have also managed to acquire a new kitten, who they have called ‘Frimp’. They got the new kitten from the new paramedic Lev. He had actually caught a drug dealer trying to dump a bag of kittens in a wheelie bin. Ruby wasn’t too happy about this as she is allergic to cats, and her eyes were streaming tears because of it, which was not a good way to start his new job.

Back in the Emergency Department, Mason is still acting like an idiot. He is trying his hardest to impress Ethan, however he doesn’t care who he throws under the bus in order to do that. He really wants to CT1 position and needs to get a good reference from Ethan to be able to get it. He got a chance to impress Ethan looking after a man who had been brought into casualty. However Mason struggled with the case, and it ended up Rash had to step in. Mason didn’t take this well, even though in the past few weeks, we’ve seen Mason get Rash in trouble for things he did wrong himself. Will Mason be found out?

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