New ITV Series Presents Littleborough’s “Therapists to the Stars”

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Therapists to the Stars is a new ITV series that demonstrates how some of the most annoying phobias can be overcome with good counseling. These phobias are not just for the meek and weak, but are also shared by Hollywood and television stars. In the series, you’ll see how therapists to the stars Nik and evan Speakman help “ordinary people with extraordinary problems.”

Watch a trailer for the show here:

Therapists to the Stars

Celebrity therapists Nik and Eva Speakman will help “ordinary people with extraordinary problems” in their new ITV programme, The Speakmans.

The shows, which start next Monday, will see if the couple, from Littleborough, can succeed where counsellors, doctors and other therapists have failed

On the programme they’re faced with conditions ranging from Agoraphobia to post traumatic stress.

Have a Phobia? Therapists to the Stars can help!

Many of us would admit to being afraid of spiders, snakes or heights, but we manage to get by.

But what if you were afraid of swallowing food? Or going to the dentist?

Two people who could help are therapists to the stars Nik and Eva Speakman from Littleborough near Rochdale.

And in a brand new ITV show they’re trying to help people with some unusual problems.

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If you have any phobias you’d like to get control of or eliminate, this show might help. If not, you’ll certainly be entertained as you watch people with real-life phobias being helped to overcome them. It will be educational, and I’m sure, fun at the same time. Tune in to ITV’s Therapists to the Stars and find out for yourself.

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