New comer paramedic, Lev will be joining the Casualty team this Autumn

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There will be a newcomer joining the ED as a new paramedic in the wake of Iain Dean leaving the show. Lev, played by Uriel Emil will be joining the cast in autumn. The Casualty team are yet to let us know how Iain character will be departing. Lev will be seen to be steely and tough, but with a gentle heart.  We will first meet Lev when he gets caught in a scrap outside the ambulance station by Jan and Ruby. 

Lev is set to be amongst all the drama unfolding throughout the year, which may put his devoted family life at some unease.  Lev is described as a Russian paramedic with a stormy past. He should be a refreshing mix to the Casualty team, as the program lines up its explosive upcoming episodes.

Uriel himself has said that he is “privileged and honoured to be a part of the Casualty clan”.  He said that there will be a fresh angle through his storyline that he hopes viewers will enjoy. 

“Uriel brings a fantastic, exciting energy to the table in his portrayal of the troubled Lev” said Simon Harper, executive producer of Casualty.

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