Ned seeks an alternative way to vent his anger and frustration

Current affairs writer and sports fan with a thing for Aussie soaps. Yes, I occasionally write about Neighbours #kylierules

Next week in Neighbours, we will see Ned Willis struggle to cope after he got stabbed. Neds friends try to look after him and support him after Scarlett Brady attacked him. Neds really struggling to come to terms with the trauma of the attack, but he starts to look for new ways to get out his anger and energy.

New decided that it would be good for him to return to work, so he asked the new hotel manager who is Chloe Brennan, if he can return. He also decided it might be a good idea to try and get some training sessions in at The Shed with Aaron Brennan.

Aaron tries to do his best for Ned, and ensure that he is following what the doctor has said about Neds training, to ensure that it is only light exercise. However this starts to frustrate Ned which comes to the attention of someone new, Kane Jones. Kane gives Ned an address to come to, and tells him he should turn up, as it might help his frustrations.

It turns out that the address leads to a fight club, were men fight, with very little rules.
Ned grabs the opportunity to do some real fighting, however will this bring back his traumatic thoughts of what happened with Scarlett?

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