Nates true identity is about to be revealed, and an explosive October ahead!

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In the dales, the truth about Nate is about to be revealed. Nate has always been quite mysterious up to now. It has always been apparent that he is out to destroy Cain Dingle , however the truth about his motives for this, have never been revealed.

We’ve seen Nate making his moves on Moira of the past recent weeks, and trying to ruin her marriage with Cain by having a full on affair with Moira. We have also seen him trying to persuade Amy to stand up to Cain about her seeing Kyle.

Star Sally Dexter who plays Cains mum, Faith, has revealed that there is about to be a bombshell hit the family and it will have life-changing consequences. She said that there is a very shocking twist which is regarding Nates real identity and it will have bad consequences for Cain and Moira.

All this is about to hit our screens this October, and Cain will learn a horrifying truth. Things might be bleak for more than one person. Sally did announce that she would be leaving the show, but we don’t know if it’s temporarily.

We’ll see Fatih discover that Moira is having an affair, but at first she will be suspecting that she is having an affair with Pete Barton, so Nate will be out of the frame, for now…

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