Nate and Moira discovered!

For the past few weeks we’ve seen Moira Barton sneaking around to have secret liasons with nate Robinson, a farmhand. Next week we will see them exposed as Kerry Wyatt catches them in the act!

Kerry was actually worried that Amy had told her boyfriend who is Nate, about how the factory fire really started. Kerry tries to talk to Amy about it, saying that Nate won’t be able to keep that secret. She has Amy worried that her mum is right. Amy then overhears Nate and Tract Metcalfe talking and think Nate has exposed them as the true culprits. But Nate says he was only covering for Amy, this upsets Nate who walks off, leaving Amy distraught.

Kerry comforts her daughter but decides she needs to go and confront Nate about the matter, but she gets a surprise when she finds Nat and Moira kissing in the caravan at the Farm. Its now in the hands of Kerry to keep this secret from her daughter, but will she feel guilty and reveal the affair. Will Kerry use this against Nate to keep him quiet, or will she expose Nate and leave her daughter heartbroken.

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