Naomi Oni appears on This Morning on ITV

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Naomi Oni - This Morning ITVThe victim of the notorious acid attack in London talks with Phillip Schofield on This Morning about the attack and its effect on her life.

The This Morning show had an extremely sad story for us yesterday. Phillip Schofield had invited Naomi Oni to talk with her about the accident. The young woman, only 20 of age, has been coming back to her home in Dagenham after a shift at the Victoria’s Secret store on Stratford Westfield, as every other day. But this one had something horrid prepared for her. A still unidentified person wearing the Muslim women’s veils, niqab, has thrown acid onto Naomi, resulting in burns to her face, head, arm and leg. The incident has left her partially blind, with irreversible damage to her skin and eyes. Even after the numerous operations and skin transplantations she is unlikely to fully recover.

Naomi Oni shared that as a single child she has never liked confrontation, has always tried to be a good person and has no idea why this has happened exactly to her. Prior the accident she describes herself as a “girly girl”, taking hours to get ready and go out, but has always been polite and friendly with other people.

Naomi showed amazing strength of spirit, telling Phillip Schofield that she feels lucky to be alive after this incident and that she feels stronger after it.

“I want to say to my attacker – you might have burned my skin, but you can’t burn my soul. They have burned my face, but me as a person, they can’t hurt me”.

Her positive personality was particularly revealed when she said that she doesn’t hate her attacker, she just wants to know why they did it. When Phillip asked her if she wants to tell something the attacker if he or she is watching, Naomi humbly said that she doesn’t want this to be done to anyone else, that she doesn’t want another girl to go through what she is going through now.

An exceptional example of selflessness and no desire for retribution.

Naomi has overcome any anger she has had in the beginning and now wants to continue living her life as normally as possible, continuing to follow her dream of becoming a make-up artist. Behavior that we should all take as an example.

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