Mitchells arrested for murder in Eastenders

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With more and more people thinking that Phil and Ben Mitchell were responsible for Keanu’s death on Christmas, the perceived truth finally caught up with them as police put the pair in handcuffs during tonight’s dramatic episode.

Once Linda drunkenly told Sharon the truth about Keanu, viewers suspected that the alienated mum would start to stir up havoc.

It wasn’t long after that Martin Fowler discovered that the phone holding the video of true events had disappeared from his shed.

When Phil and Ben found out about the missing phone, the anxiety that had been building up turned into boiling anger.

Initially, they all went into damage limitation mode. Martin found a once-again drunk Lisa to warn her that her inebriated antics would have them all sent down unless she sorted herself out. Phil meanwhile initially went to Lisa and Louise to make sure they didn’t spill the beans and get everyone imprisoned. Ben also opened up to his supposed ‘ex’ Callum about who he’d hurt.

Sharon soon baited Phil into going for her. Whilst she knows that Keanu’s death was faked and he’s actually alive and well, Phil’s still under the impression he was killed, and so riling him up was easy.

Ben was already surprised when Callum stepped in to protect from Phil’s wrath. No one was prepared though when the police came rushing into the arches soon after to arrest Phil and Ben.

No one could have predicted it, but Sharon now holds the key that proves Ben and Phil innocent. Whilst many suspect Keanu to have been killed by Phil and his jealousy, Sharon has the video that proves he’s still alive on Martin’s phone.

Even then, the police are unlikely to let the Mitchell’s off for a failed attempt.

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