Melanie Chisholm Shows Off Her Stuff

Melanie Chisholm, former Spice Girl, showed off her stuff at ITV studios yesterday.  She’s in a hot romance with X Factor winner Matt Cardle and we’re very happy for him. He’s a great guy, she’s a great girl and they look good together and are getting along great.

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EARLIER this week it was reported that they were definitely in a relationship, and now Melanie Chisholm has pretty much confirmed the rumours about her and Matt Cardle.

As she left the ITV studios last night, after taking part in the filming of a one-off Boyzone special, the former Spice Girl made a cheeky reference to her romance with the X Factor winner.

Asked by a waiting photographer where Matt was, Mel apparently replied: “He’s in bed waiting for me! Haha joking!”

The pair have been spending quite a lot of time together lately whilst promoting their duet ‘Loving you,’ and were even picture

According to reports, the two singers have been in an intimate relationship for quite a few months.

“They started seeing each other a few months ago,” a source told the Sunday Sun. “It was short-lived initially because the passion started to fizzle out.

“But they’ve been working together lately and the attraction and chemistry between them is clear.”

d holding hands recently.

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Matt Cardle has his hands full for good reasons, and Melanie Chisholm has everything she wants. Everything is fine and ITV is soaking it up. Let’s see if they do a recording together — now that would be hot!

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