Maxine attends her own living funeral but will the truth be revealed!

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Back on Hollyoaks, we see Maxine Minniver attend her own funeral.  This is because Maxine has told everyone that she has a terminal tumour, and would like to have a make-believe funeral to help her come to terms with everything. 

Everything is not as it seems. Maxine has a condition called Munchausens syndrome. This is a psychological disorder that makes someone pretend to be ill so that they can produce the symptoms of the illness themselves.

However Sienna Blake knows the truth, and also attends the funeral. Will she reveal everything to the supportive friends and family who have been taken in by Maxine.

Maxine then tells Damon that the tumour she has said she has, has got worse. So Damon in his sincerity, decides to give her money from the crowdfund page he set up for her, in order to pay for this living funeral she has arranged. Sienna is furious at this charade, and gives an ultimatum to Maxine, to reveal the truth, or else. Sienna advises Maxine to tell everyone when they are attending the funeral, so she can explain to them what she has been up to.

Everyone attending the funeral is giving speeches and saying such wonderful things about Maxine, but will she finally tell them all the truth.

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