Martin’s love life is going downhill in Eastenders

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Things are looking dire for Martin in Walford. Just as he received some good news, his world has come crashing around him.

Initially, things seemed to be looking up for Eastenders’ Martin. Ben had been making life horrible for him by blackmailing him into being one of his henchmen and forcing Stacey out of Walford. Ben finally told Martin that the demands were no longer and that he was free to do what he wished.

In a joyous mood, Martin went to his wife’s house only to see something even worse before him. Mo and Jean were packing up Stacey’s belongings, much to Martin’s confusion. Things took an even worse turn when Jerome arrived to take the packed things away.

It wasn’t initially obvious what Jerome was doing there, but once it dawned on Martin, he wasn’t very happy about it. Jerome and Stacey are now boyfriend and girlfriend!

Martin’s anger at Jerome didn’t achieve once, and once his love rival had left, he turned his attention to Stacey’s mum. Jean was equally uninterested in Martin’s desperate pleas. She told him that she was happy for her daughter for not loving him anymore.

After a tumultuous day, the heartbroken man turned to drinking by himself for the night. He ended up storming out to take his drunken rage out on Ben, who he ended up scuffling with in the street, shouting “This is all your fault”.

It looks like Martin hasn’t even hit his rock-bottom yet. Spoilers have shown him trying to kiss his lost wife’s best friend Ruby Allen, who’s also currently the partner of Max who also has a history with Stacey.

The world of love is certainly proving to be a tough one to navigate for Martin. After the mess we know he’ll be getting himself into next week, it’s hard to see how he’ll go any lower.

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