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Among the  many television competitions that have taken the audience by storm This Morning Competition on ITV remains  a stand apart from its contemporary shows. There are prizes to win and prize draw for the winners. This TV competition features a lot of topics like beauty, style, movies, fashion, health and so on. In October 1988 This Morning Competition was launched to win many a heart. The show was initially anchored by a married couple going by the names of Richard Madelay and Judy Finnegan. At that time the show was at the height of its popularity and fame by attracting a staggering number of two million viewers  on a daily basis. From 2001 the anchoring was done by  Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. Of course the presenters have to be temporarily replaced by other anchors to fill in their shoes in case of any problems in a particular episode.

Where there is a competition there are bound to be prizes to win. You can win a lot of cash by answering questions. The following part of this competition is hosted by Lorraine which gives the program its very famous name of Lorraine Competition. This Morning Competition will telecast from ten thirty in the morning on weekdays spanning  a period of one hundred and twenty minutes.  There are the weekend telecasts also which have been recorded before and they are aired at different time slots. They run for a period of 60 minutes or one hour. However the Sunday part of the program has been cancelled in 2012.

More Details On This Morning Competition

If the viewer is wondering how he can take part in the contest and win prizes it is pretty easy. You have to make a note of the question which is called out many times during the show and choose the correct answer from the three alternatives that are provided. As a rule the answer is pretty simple and even a novice can easily gauge which is the accurate option. You can log onto the internet to participate instead of calling or smsing. There are a lot of websites which you can avail of to look up the episodes which you have missed out on. So next time This Morning Competion is  telecast be sure to tune in to the ITV channel to try your luck.

In 1996 the location of the ITV program was shifted to the London Studios. It features a lot of insights on real life as well which is very happening with the enthusiastic viewers. The latter part of this program offers a whopping amount of cash to be won. No wonder that this ITV contest show is such a rage.

Conclusions On This Morning Competition

This acclaimed ITV program has many awards to its credit including the Freesat Awards in 2012 for Best Live Program and TV Times Awards in 2011 and 2012 for Favourite Daytime Program among innumerable others. So do not delay but switch on the TV the next time This Morning Competition is aired.

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