Mandys lost her money, but where did it come from???

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In Emmerdale, is there more going on with the stolen money that Mandy was looking for???

Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden stole thousands of pounds from Mandy when they saw her looking for money on the farm, and Aaron and Robert managed to get hold of it themselves.

Zak warned Robert and Aaron that it is against the Dingle family rules to do what they did and turn against their family. However Aaron doesn’t back down and gives his side of the story. Aaron explained that he wants to use the money to actually look after the family whilst Robert is in prison. Zak and Chas accept his reasoning, as they realise that he has good intentions for the money, better than what Mandy probably has planned for it.

Mandy is furious about this and doesnt accept there reason. She is out for revenge and calls them scum. She threatens to throw a brick through their window, however Robert tries to counter this by saying if she does anything, he’ll call the casino telling them that it was Mandy who stole the chips.

Back in the Wollpack, Chas, Faith and Zak, try to interrogate Mandy’s son Vinny, to find out where Mandy got the stolen money from in the first place. But before he can reveal anything, Mandy comes in and drags him out of the pub, making sure he didn’t say anything. Vinny tells Mandy that they need to keep low for a while, making us think that theres more going on to that story.

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