Mandys back and up to more mischief in the Dales!

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We love seeing Mandy back on our screens in Emmerdale, and this week we see her back to her usual self, getting up to mischief in the Dales. Mandy and Vinny are hunting around Butlers farm barns, really trying to find a bag. Chas discovers them and also discovers the bag herself, which she finds is chock full of casino chips and stolen cash.
Chas immediately goes to talk to Mandy and demand answers about why its there.
However who has Mandy stolen the cash from, and will they be after her. Has she brought trouble upon herself and the rest of the Dingles.

We also see Aaron and Robert get in on the action, when Aaron, much to Roberts bemusement, offers to change the casino chips for Mandy, which she is really happy about.

Aaron meets with Mandy in the scrapyard to give Mandy cash for the casino chips, however Aaron has been smart enough to take a cut for himself as commission for what he has done, which leaves Mandy fuming. She starts to argue with Aaron, who then seems to retaliate and looks like he has dropped all the money in a barrel to burn, but is all as it seems, did he accidentally do this, or was it on purpose.

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