Mandy returns, and catches Jessie in the act!

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Mandy Dingle is back! Mandy is returning to Emmerdale, and we will see her walk in on Jessie cheating on her husband. Jessies husband is Marlon, but Jessie gets caught out with ex Al Chapman.

Mandy is back and means business this time, however this will be the start of a storyline that will see her exit the show.

Al is the one tempting jessie, saying she should go for a new head teachers job that will be in Dubai. This is because Jessie is having a hard time with the kids in the school she is at, and they are running rings around her.

Marlon is oblivious to all of this, but when they are all together, Al lets slip that Jessie is now considering moving away across the world to Dubai. Marlon is obviously not happy about all this and storms off.

Later we see Jessie and Al’s feelings rekindle for each other as they talk about the old times together, and this leads to them having a liaison, that may mean Jessie relationship with Marlon is in trouble. As they share a kiss, Mandy makes her appearance, but what will she do when she realises this?

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