Maisie Smith surprised about Tiffany’s engagement, but how will it turn out?

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Tiffany and Keegan have been going through a tough time trying to make their relationship run smoothly. Getting engaged after only three months together is ambitious for anyone but with their families not being supportive and drama surrounding Keegan, things are looking tough for them.

Actress Maisie Smith has expressed her surprise that Tiffany, who she plays, has got engaged to Keegan in such circumstances. She said that she hadn’t been expecting it since “Obviously their relationship is quite new and hasn’t been going for that long.” Maisie said she was happy with the twist though and that “It’s nice to have a young couple on the show with this really powerful love storyline, which has been great to play”. Whilst speaking to Digital Spy she said that she “secretly loved it”.

Just how it plays out for the couple in the coming weeks is something that’s going to keep EastEnders fans on the edge of their seats. Sine exciting storylines look set to play out in the next week, with Keegan, in particular, being occupied with feuds and rivalries.

Firstly, Tiff steps in to diffuse a tense situation between her fiancé and Dotty after Dotty sabotaged his business hopes. Sonia’s help seems to be enough to make thing civil again.

Things with Ian seem to need more of that cooling effect though after he winds up Keegan until the teenager hits him in the face!

In the midst of so much going on, the young couple make plans to elope to Scotland to get married undisturbed. The only people they tell are Bernadette and Bailey since the lover’s families even add drama to the situation.

Hopefully, they manage to tie the knot in the next couple of weeks. The viewers are just as excited as Maisie!

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