Mackenzie finally meets her dad, but will he come back into her life?

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There is about to be a showdown on Neighbours, as MacKenzie Hargreaves finally gets the chance to face her dad, who she has been searching for. Her dad cruelly abandoned her, but will coming face to face with him, be a big mistake?

Mackenzie had asked Shane Rebecchi to help her track down her dad, but she found out that it was Shanes actions, that had caused her father to burn all her belongings and end up turning his back on Mackenzie.

She was left feeling alone and lost, but she refused to give up on her father, and had been desperately trying to find him, to try and sort everything between them. When she finds out that she’s got the chance to meet him again, she is feeling anguish at the thought of coming face to face with him again.

She fights her nervousness over the situation and meets Grant for the 1st time with Dipi with her.
Her dad reacts worse than she though, and refuses to accept that Mackenzie is now female, and he calls her Michael. She keeps in control and they start to have a conversation, which goes sour when she finds out that he knew her mum had dad, and yet still did not come back into her life.

He also delivers a final blow when he says that she will always be his son, Michael, and he will not accept her as female.

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