Love Island star set to return to bodybuilding

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Love Island star and ex-bodybuilder Michael Griffiths looks like he may be returning to his physique sculpting ways any day now.

The former firefighter has previously competed in body contests and even won prizes before. He won a cool £1000 for coming in 2nd place at a Super Series Body Power competition in early 2018.

Since finishing Love Island, the show favourite hasn’t had time to get back to his passion. Just as is recommended for Love Island stars once they leave the show, Michael has been spending lots of time working closely with brands. The busy schedule he’s had with that has prevented him from being able to fully dedicate himself to the tough regime needed to be a bodybuilder.

He’s also had to fit in filming for new show Ex on the Beach. Now that’s all wrapped up though, he can really focus on working at his craft.

Whilst on Love Island Michael was clearly too busy to be able to maintain the full-time schedule needed for the level he’d like to be at. That didn’t stop him from getting a workout in every day with the rest of the lads in the villa.

A lot of focus has been given to his close friend and trainer Nathan De Asha, 32. He’s quite a big name inside the bodybuilding community and around Liverpool, where Michael’s from. In bodybuilding, he’s an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pro and owns the prestigious gym that Michael pumps iron at. He also made a known for himself by getting imprisoned for encouraging Liverpudlians to riot in 2011. His Facebook rants were deemed too inflammatory and he was deemed to be inciting the chaos.

De Asha’s has since repented for those actions, and Michael’s probably in good hands to take his bodybuilding to the next level.

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