Love Island contestants’ mental health checked

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The contestants for the upcoming season of Love Island have reportedly been subject to unprecedented strict mental health tests to ensure that they can handle the pressure. Although at first glance it may appear to be a harmless reality TV show there have been 2 suicides by former contestants, leading to calls for increased consideration of the effect participation may have on people.
The season beginning on January 12th is to be t he first winter edition, and to ensure the classic hot glamourous setting the villa will be in South Africa’s Cape Town for the first time. Although this may initially sound pleasant, there has also been talk of producers hiring armed security to ensure that none of the local population attempt anything criminal. With the surround area being full of poverty, show organisers have worried there may be kidnapping or burglary attempts. Organisers will be hoping that the pressure and anxiety from such a society doesn’t exacerbate any mental problems.
The newest batch of contestants were subject to three stages of testing to make sure that appearing on the show wouldn’t be too much of a toll on their mental health. Rather than producers deciding who would appear, mental health experts had the final say on whether selected applicants were suitable. They used tests and an interview to reach there conclusion.
Already, it was notoriously difficult to get a highly-coveted spot on the show, which regularly turns normal people into celebrities overnight. At least those who do make it through are far more likely to come out the other side smiling now.
The new season kicks off any day now and viewers are excited for another few weeks of glamour, heartbreak, drama and hopefully, love.

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