Love Island contestant under fire

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The producers of hit TV show Love Island have come under fire after photos emerged of one chosen contestant posing with dead animals that he had hunted for sport. 

Ollie Williams is one of the young people chosen to compete in the show focused on love, dating and finding a couple. 1000s of applicants are turned away every year as people flock for the chance at game the show provides. After 2 suicides by previous contestants show organisers introduced an extra step for choosing contestants which included a mental health check. The step involved both a test and an interview to make sure that the chances of such horrible tragedies from the past being repeated is minimized. 

Despite such a thorough selection process with so many applicants to choose from, organisers still decided to make one very controversial pick. 

Ollie’s hunting business is named Cornish Sporting Agency and offers experiences in Mozambique and South Africa that many viewers find distasteful. 

He also comes from a very wealthy family which means he is the current heir to Lanhydrock Estate in Cornwall, which is over 2,000 acres big. 

This has led some people to guess that someone may have pulled a few strings or slipped some cash to ensure Ollie a place on Love Island, seeing that his inclusion on the show seems like such a foolish moves otherwise. 

Despite calls for him to be replaced, the noise has probably come too late since recording has already begun. With the airing of the show beginning imminently, organisers are reluctant to make any rash decisions that could throw the show into chaos so early on. 

With the voting system in place though, it may not be long till viewers make sure that Ollie is off air again.  

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