Louis Walsh wants to be the manager of the next BGT winner


Louis Walsh might have too much time on his hands since Westlife split up because he’s coming with money-making ideas.

Apparently, the Irish pop mogul has talked with Simon Cowell about his plan to manage the next winner from Britain’s Got Talent.  Walsh, that hopes that he will get to manage a potential career of the next talent, came up with the idea following the Westlife break up after their 2012 world tour.

A source commented for the Daily Star, saying that Louis is looking at a big pay day if he can get this tied up. Louis’ management company has a huge void to fill now with the absence of Westlife. In the meantime Louis will be back as a judge on the X Factor panel, but he might want to look up after himself, as Brian McFadden threats to take his seat.  The former Westlife band member is currently a judge on Australia’s Got Talent but he is longing after the X Factor seat, saying that he is ready to jump in when his former manager dies.  I’m going to be the next judge on X Factor. I’m just waiting for Louis Walsh to pass away!,  Brian said. It’s in the contract, as soon as Louis dies, it’s in his will that I take his seat, so any day now!

Louis obviously took this as a joke, with his spokesperson declaring: Obviously Louis knows Brian and knows his tongue was firmly in his cheek when he said that. And he’ll be disappointed to learn that Louis is in the very best of health.

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