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With newcomer Mackenzie, who is Dean’s sister, coming to the bay, Colby takes a shine to her and decides to arrange a date. Before meeting up with her, he takes off his wedding ring, to prove he is over Chelsea. Mackenzie asks Colby about his previous relationship, Colby hesitantly says they split because of circumstances beyond their control. He also raises some concerning alarm bells, by saying they were still in love when they split. Mackenzie can’t help but fear that Colby may not be over his ex. She makes the decision that they should just be friends for now, how long will it last?

Mackenzie has her own dark story that she was a secret love child, as she is plotting revenge and her and Deans Father. She threatens Rick, who is currently trying to launch his political career with “family values”, by telling him she will expose his true self in the media, unless he pays her $100k. Rick comes to confront her at the Bay who decides to come face to face with Mackenzie in front of an angry Dean. Rick sees that Dean is not happy with Mackenzies actions, and then refuses to pay McKenzie the money.

There’s also another dark storyline happening between Bella and Tommy. Tommy appears to be drooming Bella. Bella was asking for some recommendations for her new assignment, and Tommy suggested Bella took self-portraits of herself and keep Tommy updated with them. Bella isn’t able to get a hold of a digital camera, but Tommy says he will send her one through the post. Bella innocently starts taking pictures and sending them through to Tommy, who is also spying on Bella through her laptop webcam. Bella is clueless to this sinister twist, and is slowly falling under his spell.

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