Lorraine & Daybreak competition – win £65,000 cash!

Daybreak  competition - 19.11.12
Daybreak competition question – 19.11.12

Competition closes for entries online at 12.00 p.m. on Thursday 6 December 2012

Complete the famous line from the Star Wars film; “May the force…”

A: be with you
B: leave with you
C: not get you

– we think A!

Enter Daybreak competition 6 times per phone number

Remember you can enter the Lorraine & Daybreak competition six times per phone number for free at itv.com. Entering by other methods will cost around £1 each.


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In time for Christmas Itv, Lorraine & Daybreak are giving away a massive cash prize of £65,000. This is a huge amount that could see you through Christmas for the rest of your life! What would you spend such a huge jackpot payout on? A new car? A new computer? A holiday? A new kitchen? Or all of the above!!!

It’s not often you get the chance to win such a huge amount of cash without having to buy a ticket of some sort, but the Lorraine & Daybreak competition give you the chance to do-so. Not only that, but if you’re smart you can enter six times for each phone number & massively increase the odds of winning.

Lorraine & Daybreak competition x 6

Remember to enter the Daybreak competition six times to maximise your chances of winning. It only takes an extra minute to hugely increase your chances of winning this massive cash prize.

Good Luck

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