Lorna Simpson out of the running in ITV’s X Factor

The singer was the first person to be voted out of the competition.

Well Saturday nights TV viewing was certainly nerve racking. With the first of the highly anticipated live X-Factor shows, fans of the competition were on the edge of their seats as each of the three contestants from the categories girls, boys, groups, and overs sung their hearts out to stay in the competition.

Sharon Osbourne pic
Sharon Osbourne pic

We can’t imagine how the contestants must have felt backstage, even though having sung in front of large crowds before at the audition stages, it must have been pretty terrifying knowing that they were about to perform for millions and millions of viewers.

Each week the live competition has a theme and for the first week each of the acts in turn sung hits from the 1890’s. Abi Alton, Hannah Barrett, Lorna Simpson, Miss Dynamix, Sam Bailey, Kingsland Road, Sam Callahan, Shelley Smith, Rough Copy,Tamaera Foster, and Nicholas McDonald all tried their very best to impress the judges, and of course the all important viewers at home.

As with many things in the series X Factor, producers had clearly decided to shake things up introducing a new format where viewers were given 10 minutes to ‘Flash vote’ after all the contestants had had their turns.

For Sharon Osbourne it was a nightmare situation as it left two of her contestants in the bottom two ,Lorna Simpson and Shelley Smith . Sharon stressed how shocked she was and how she couldn’t understand why this had happened.

The two then had to compete one final time in a sing off.  Each of the girls sung compelling and emotional songs with Shelley singing the apt, One Night Only and Lorna opting for There You’ll Be. The judges then had to vote for which contestant should leave the show. As has happened when a similar situation has occurred on previous X Factors, Sharon couldn’t choose between her two girls and when asked for her vote by Dermot O ‘Leary she responded

‘I abstain.’

Louis voted to send Lorna home, stressing the toughness of the decision by saying

“An amazing sing off, it’s a really, really difficult one.”

Gary also commented on how good the sing off had been and deliberated before deciding to send Shelley home. It was therefore Nicole who was left with the tough job of having the final say who went home and she too voted for Lorna, leaving her two votes to one and therefore the very first person to be sent home in the X Factor’s live round.

So there we have it, with 11 still standing we can’t wait to see what next weeks show will bring. We are sure that Sharon will bounce back in a fighting mood, and with the chosen theme being ‘Love and Heartbreak’ there will surely be some truly emotional belters for all the live audience, judges and viewers at home to enjoy –we can’t wait! ut of the running

Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org