Loosewomen competition – win cash: £25,000

loose women competition 03.09.12

The closing date for online entries is 21st September 2012 at 7.30am

Who had a 1980s hit with Material Girl?

A: Cyndi Lauper
B: Madonna
C: Annie Lennox

– We think B!

Don’t Forget!

Enter up to 6 times per telephone number!

It’s great to see the Loose Women back on our TV after a short summer break (hey, we loved Gino & Mel too!). What’s more they are back with another opportunity to play and win cash through their TV competition. This time the prize is a massive £25,000…add that to Daybreak & This Morning (announced earlier today) & you’ll have to agree the itv.com competitions are back on track.

Much as it’s fantastic to see these shows back on our screens – including the massive weekend TV shows which allow you to play and win cash, we also know it means “summer” is coming to an end. Grrrr…bad!

Anyway, good luck with the first Loose Women competition in a few months and remember to enter six times!

And yes; we agree – give Harry some privacy (& give security a slap…plus whoever sold those pictures!)! He’s a great lad & we love it that he’s “normal” too 🙂

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