Loose Women Star Sherrie Hewson talks about her difficult year.

ITV’s Loose women star has recently had many changes not least with the panel being completely shaken up. One of the old favourites who remains however is Actress and Benidorm star Sherrie Hewson.

The popular panellist recently opened up about the intensely hard time she has had over the past year.

Sherrie Hewson
Sherrie Hewson

It started with poor health with Sherrie taking ill hours before she was due to appear of the ITV show. She talked of how she feared she might be having a heart attack as searing chest and stomach pains took hold of her. Sherrie had very sadly lost her mother in the months before and couldn’t help but feel the same way as suddenly the agonising pains appeared. However luckily to Sherrie and her family, friends and of course many fans the star was rushed to hospital where it turned out not to be a heart attack at all. In fact in turned out the Sherrie was suffering from an extremely infected gall bladder which had swollen up, and although perhaps a relief that it wasn’t a heart attack, she still had to undergo dangerous and potentially life threatening surgery to remove it.

Sherrie was in her hotel room when the searing pains begun, leaving her fighting for breath and fearing for her life. Luckily she was able to call for help, alerting hotel staff to her condition who immediately rang for an ambulance. ‘I genuinely thought I was dying’ Sherrie said.

Fortunately the operation was successful and after a few days of rest and recuperation, as well as careful monitoring of course, the 63 year old star was allowed to go home.

Of course Sherrie’s fear that she was going to die was not unfounded. Her mother Joy passed away from a aortic aneurysm and Sherrie though perhaps she was going to go the same way. She said:

“By the time I got to hospital I needed so much morphine I barely knew where I was. My daughter Keeley rushed to my bedside just as I was going into theatre and I thought it might be the last time I saw her.

“The doctors were amazing and, thank God, it was fixable. While I’m still not 100 per cent, I know I’m on the mend.”

Of course this was not the only sadness in Sherrie’s life as she had recently split from her toy boy lover who turned out t have been cheating on her.Sherrie had met him on the set of Benidorm where is flattery and attendtion had turned her head. She claimed she wasn’t expecting romance but after years in a loveless marriage the compliments and seduction were impossible to ignore. Of course when Sherrie found out the truth, that her lover was in fact married, she left him immediately. Broken hearted Sherrie of course was simply in love and never expected her personal life to take such an unwanted and unexpected turn, leaving her feeling battered and bruised and utterly exhausted emotionally.

Of course Sherrie has had her share of fairly disastrous romances which she shares the gory details of in her tell all autobiography with was released in 2011 called ‘Behind the Laughter.’ Poor Sherrie had previously suffered from emotional and physical abuse, been left at the altar and then spent years in what she describes as a ‘toxic’ marriage to her now ex-husband Ken Boyd.

Not surprisingly this string of difficult events led Sherrie to become very depressed and she even contemplated suicide.

It was becoming a presenter on Loose women that helped Sherrie grow in confidence. Though she has had set backs since then we hope that her Loose Women co-hosts are behind her every step of the way and that with their support and that of her family, friends and fans, both physically and emotionally Sherrie will begin to heal.

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