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Among the many television programs aired at various  hours of the day, the Loose Women Competition is a lunchtime show which is shown on ITV. There are lots of attractive ITV prizes to win including a colossal amount of cash and even luxury vacations and new cars. This TV contest show made its foray into the viewer market in 1999 and was an instant rage with the audience. There is a collective group of four ladies who run the show. Celebrities like film stars or politicians are invited on the show and interviewed by the anchors. A lot of stuff is discussed  ranging from politics to domestic issues and much to the delight of the viewers star gossip who gain an insight into the lives of their favorite matinee idols. This show also has prizes to win and a prize draw.

Actually it is meant for the homemakers who tend to cool their heels at home in the afternoons while preparing lunch or having come home from shopping. While the other members of the family are away you need not spend your lunch hour alone. Just prepare your lunch and sit down to eat while watching Loose Women Competition on ITV.The questions asked are pretty basic so you can easily win a holiday trip or a magnificent car. Now if the participant is pondering how to enter the contest he need not worry. Free entries can be availed of by going to the web page of  Loose Women Competition. For each question there are three alternatives and you happen to be the lucky winner if you can guess the right option.

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The celebrity guests who appear on this show to have a live banter with the anchors  promote their new book or movie in the process.  A prime factor to be kept in mind is that since it is a live show one should not deviate from the proper way to conduct oneself or use any inappropriate language .Coming back to the competitions, one way of entering the competition is through mobile texting but this would cost you money. So better to abide by the online procedure and save on your pennies.

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The competition prize is usually a huge sum of ten to fifty thousand pounds and even holiday cruises and model cars. So the next time you watch the Loose Women Competition be prepared with your answer and win a fantastic reward.

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Many people would feel that the program is a little feminist or sometimes borders on being a little loud but non withstanding all that it is definitely entertaining. This program was an inspiration to initiate a new teatime broadcast called [email protected] . This program was shown on ITV from five thirty in the evening for a forthnight in 2006. In contrast to its predecessor this program included both men and women as anchors on the panel which was  a landmark beginning. So if you are yet to see it, tune in to watch the Loose Women Competition today itself.
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