Have a Look at ITV’s Upcoming “The Great Fire” Drama Series

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The Great Fire of London occurred in 1666 so very few are intimately familiar with it in our generation. ITV plans to help people relive it with their upcoming series, The Great Fire. The drama series is in 4 parts, the first of which is scheduled for October 30, 2014 at 9 PM on ITV. The drama series is about a fictitious baker named Thomas Farriner and his experience going through The Great Fire. Farriner is played by Andrew Buchan (Broadchurch, Garrow’s Law, Nowhere Boy). King Charles II is played by Jack Huston who also appeared in American Hustle, Boardwalk Empire and Parade’s End. ITV has put a tremendous amount of research and preparation into this 4-part drama series and I for one will be watching.

The Greaet Fire of London


In an age where reality shows can turn bakers into national villains overnight, one of the trade’s most notorious practitioners is about to be rehabilitated.

Thomas Farriner, the baker blamed for starting the Great Fire of London, is reinvented as an “everyman hero” in a big-budget ITV drama which tells the story of one of Britain’s greatest historical disasters.

Written by Tom Bradby, ITN’s Political Editor, The Great Fire takes the historical events of 2 September 1666 as the starting point for a sweeping, four-part epic, which takes viewers from the decadent court of King Charles II to Pudding Lane where the blaze which gutted the medieval capital began at the premises of humble baker, Farriner.

In Bradby’s version, the blaze sparks when Farriner, played by Andrew Buchan of Broadchurch fame, leaves to visit his sister-in-law, telling his daughter not to rake the ovens until he returns.

She – rather than the maidservant of historical record – leaves the oven door ajar causing sparks to ignite the wooden home.

Farriner rescues his children by climbing on to a neighbour’s window ledge and is first to dig up the water pipes to try to stop the blaze spreading.

When fleeing inhabitants are threatened with suffocation in London’s narrow streets, Farriner breaks down a wall so they can escape.

Telling his weeping daughter “it was an accident, nobody’s fault”, Farriner strides manfully back into the blazing city to track down his sister-in-law and her son.

“It’s so hard to find someone to play an everyman hero and I think Andrew Buchan did it brilliantly,” Bradby told The Independent. While Farriner shouldered the blame from Londoners angry at seeing their houses destroyed, Bradby wanted viewers to sympathise with his plight.

“Farriner is always going to be at the heart of the story, so I had to have a character the audience feel warmth towards – no pun intended,” Bradby said. “I’m constantly amazed that in many dramas – some quite vaunted dramas – you sit down and watch and think halfway through the series, ‘I bloody hate all these characters’.”

You can view a promotional trailer of The Great Fire here: https://itvstudios.com/programmes/the-great-fire–2

Finish this article here: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/baker-who-started-great-fire-of-london-turns-hero-in-itvs-epic-new-andrew-buchan-drama-9709659.html

The Great Fire looks to be a captivating drama that is well-researched and presented by talented actors. It will begin airing on October 30th at 9 pm, just in time to warm up those cold autumn nights in Great Britain. I can’t waint — I’ve heard all about The Great Fire but now I’ll be able to see what it involved and how people survived.

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