Linda tells Sharron about Keanu in Eastenders

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Linda’s relapse into drunkenness may have begun to unravel the truth of what happened to Keanu in Eastenders.

On Mick’s birthday, after it looked like things may be getting more positive between him and Linda, her willpower gave out. When Shirley Carter gave Linda a tough time for having to keep an eye on her, it initially looked like the aggression had pushed Linda straight back into alcohol’s arms.

Shakily grabbing a bottle of gin from under the sink, viewers despaired for her in a tense moment as she unscrewed the cap, but ended up emptying the bottle down the sink.

Linda’s alcoholism storyline has now taken her on quite a ride. With her and people close to her running the pub, things never seem far from going wrong

With things looking up, she organised Mick’s surprise birthday party, where everything was running smoothly until he caught her coming out of the bathroom obviously and unashamedly drunk.

Mick’s reaction was measured considering the pain her habit had caused them recently but in no time she was out and about drunkenly ordering top-ups

It was then that she ran into Sharron, whose social life has been similarly alienated recently, leading to a natural bonding moment that concluded with Linda exclaiming her need for chips.

It was with their takeaway that Linda then let her secret slip. Knowing something was up, Sharon promised to not tell anyone what Linda knew, preying on the alcoholic’s poor judgement in her state.

So, Linda let it out. She explained “the hit”, how everything had been staged, and how it had all been recorded on a burner phone.

Sharron looked partially shocked and partially relieved at the news the homewrecker was alright.

Viewers are desperate to see what Sharron does with this secret next.


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