Life Of Crime Episode 2: What it’s About

Life of Crime, ITV’s new 3-part drama series, started last week and immediately gained a large following.  That is no surprise as it stars Hayley Atwell, Ruth McCabe and Amanda Drew, three highly talented and popular actors  The series is about a rookie cop is obsessed with tracking down the killer of a 15-year-old girl, who she hunts over the course of 28 years. Episode two increases the suspense and sets up the final conclusion very well.

Life of Crime

Writer: Declan Croghan / Producers: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd, Oliver Frampton (also co-creator) / Executive Producers: Douglas Rae, Michael Parke / Director: Jim Loach

Life of Crime is a hugely intriguing three part crime drama that follows policewoman Denise Woods across three decades as she makes progress through the Met.

The big catalyst at the beginning of her career is when she has to investigate the murder of a young teenage girl whom she had met whilst in hospital. Her decision to investigate and bring the girls killer to justice will have major repercussions right across her career.

Each episode picks up at a different point in Denise’s career, first in 1985 then in 1997 and finally in 2013 when she is a senior officer.

It is now 1997, 12 years after last week’s opener. Denise Woods is now a Detective Inspector and married to Ray Deans. Trouble rears it’s head when Mike Holland, who was convicted of the murder of Amy Reid, comes up with new evidence that could mean he is released. Denise has to come clean about planting evidence during the original investigation putting her whole career on the line.

Hayley Atwell as Denise Woods
Richard Coyle as Ray Deans
Con O’Neill as DI Ferguson
Amanda Drew as Beverley Reid
Ruth McCabe as Rose
Julian Lewis Jones as Mike Holland
Joel Beckett as Gainham
Priyanga Burford as Helen Clarke

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Are you watching Life of Crime? If so, how do you rate it compared to other recent ITV dramas including Broadchurch? Watch epsisode two at 9 PM tonight and see for yourself how it quickly develops.

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