Life of Crime” – A new crime drama on ITV

Life of Crime is an excitin new drama that ITV has commissioned. It’s about of one woman’s personal and professional life over three decades of fighting crime. Can you imagine what a life like that would be?  Put yourself in Hayley Atwell’s shoes as you watch.

Life of Crime is a new three-part police drama, commissioned by ITV and produced by Ecosse Films.

 Life of Crime
Golden Globe nominee Hayley Atwell (The Duchess, Any Human Heart, Pillars of the Earth, Captain America) leads the cast as risk-taking policewoman Denise Woods. Life of Crime explores Denise’s career over three decades as she progresses through the Metropolitan Police Force and how choices she makes as a rookie officer have long lasting and explosive repercussions on both her professional and personal life.
In her twenties Denise starts her career as an idealistic WPC, fighting sexism and ignoring her mother’s disappointment at her career choice. She’s seconded to work with handsome young plain clothes Detective Sergeant Ray Deans (Richard Coyle). One September morning she accompanies him to a crime scene in a narrow lane behind a Brixton nightclub where the battered and strangled body of teenager Amy has been discovered.
Having had a previous encounter with the teenager, Denise is determined to bring Amy’s killer to justice. She works against the clear instruction and advice of her senior officers and follows her own lines of enquiry. As the investigation progresses Denise’s fervour for the case leads her to fall foul of her senior officer, DCI Ferguson (Con O’Neill). But Denise stays single-minded in her pursuit of the killer and at that point makes her fateful decision.

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I think having a detective’s job would be exciting.  I’d love chasing the trail, finding clues, interrogating people and bringing people to justice.  How about you?  What do you think about the series, Life of Crime?


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