Liberty agrees to be a surrogate at the last minute

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Back in Hollyoaks, Sienna, played by Anna Passey, and Brody, played by Adam Woodward, had started to look into the possibility of having a baby together, however they could only do this by having a surrogate to carry their baby. Sienna’s sister Liberty, has surprised Sienna, by saying that she will gladly carry the baby for them.

However as with all drama on Hollyoaks, things don’t go quite to plan. At the last minute, Liberty get some nerves about the whole thing and backs out of the agreement after changing her mind.

Sienna and Brody are in the dark about what it was that has made her change her mind so quickly, but we find out that the apparent reason that it happened, was because she had told Cindy hat she felt she wasn’t brave enough to be a surrogate.

Cindy had reassured Liberty that she was brave enough and that she really could do it. She said it would make Sienna and Brodys dreams come true. So once again at the last minute, we see Liberty change her mind once again, and come back on board.

Adam who plays Brody recently discussed the storyline and said that how it will play out could be a good thing, but it could bring more complications. The Surrogate could become quite attached to the baby, so will it lead to heartache for Sienna and Brody???