Liam Caffry Named as Star in George Gently Crime Drama

A budding young actor named Liam Caffry has been named as the star in the upcoming ITV cirme drama, “George Gently.”  It’s a great opportunity for the young actor who is raising eyes throughout the British television industry. The nine year old is excited about the prospects of a successful acting career but still would love to play football.


A BUDDING thespian is set to make his screen debut after clinching a part on a prime-time TV series.

Liam Caffry had just starting acting classes at the Activate Drama School, based in Southmoor School, this time last year, when he landed a part in the new series of Inspector George Gently.

The nine-year-old, from Tunstall Grange, plays youngster Robbie Seddon in the BBC drama, which stars actor Martin Shaw in the leading role.

Liam, a keen SAFC fan, is hoping the part will help to propel his acting career, and mum Kelly, 36, said it has given him a thirst for the limelight.

“I think that is the career he would hope for if, he doesn’t make it as a footballer.”

Liam, who attends St Leonard’s School, will star in the opening episode of the new series – called Gently Between the Lines – which will air on February 6 at 8.30pm.

It sees the inspector recovering from wounds received in a shooting in Durham Cathedral, which happened at the end of last series

His second in command John Baccus, played by Lee Ingleby, is still suffering.

Gently sets about helping him to regain his confidence, by asking Bacchus to investigate a death in custody, following riots in a slum due for demolition.

Before long, the men find themselves in danger on the streets of Durham again.

“He just absolutely loved it,” said Kelly, married to Liam’s dad Simon, 38, and also mum to Niall, 11, and Ewan, five.

“He used to come home from filming full of what had been going on, and he was one of the only children on set so the adult actors used to make a fuss of him.

She said: “He just had the time of his life filming George Gently,” she said.

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Having such great opportunity at a very young age can be overwhelming in every sense. I wish Liam Caffry, names as star in the new George Gentry crime drama tremendous success in all his endeavors.