Leona Lewis thinks Sharon Osbourne is perfect for X Factor


Leona Lewis totally supports X Factor but if it was for her to occupy a permanent position as a judge it would be too much, saying it’s ‘nerve-wracking’. Leona, who became a star after winning the 2006 series of the X Factor, revealed that she was scared when she was asked to appear as a guest judge last year because she was worried how her comments could affect contestant’s emotions.

I did a little stint last year and it was fun, Lewis said in an interview for the Independent. It was a good thing for me to do. But it is quite scary and nerve-wracking to have a lot of people’s emotions in your hands so it’s a big job to take. I’m sure whoever does it will do well. Leona was asked to take Kelly Rowland’s seat on the panel after her guest appearance receive positive responses, but she declined and Nicole Scherzinger  got the job later on.

The singer said that she is ‘team Sharon’ ,considering that Mrs Osbourne’s return will  be a great boost for the show. When I was on the show Sharon was there and she was so lovely. She’d be great, Leona said.

Leona Lewis has just become the face of The Body Shop, launching a ‘cruelty free’ make-up and fragrance collection. She marked the partnership with a music gig, after which she tweeted: Thank u to everyone that tuned into my live stream! I was soooooo nervous but it was really great to perform for u all xxx (sic) .

Leona is an activist against animal testing in cosmetics, declaring at the collection launch: Animal testing is needless, especially in cosmetics. There are so many superior alternatives that have been developed already. We’re trying to push for a global ban. There is already an EU ban which came into effect on March 11 which is amazing. But there’s also a long way to go because we can push it globally but we need a lot of people’s support.