Leona Lewis Captures the Crowd On X-Factor

Leona Lewis graced the stage and captured the crowd on X-Factor as contestants looked on at the former X-Factor winner hoping they can fill her shoes.  Well her shoes are small, but they are not easy to fill and I’m personally in doubt that any of this year’s contestants could even come close to Leona’s talent. Maybe I”m biased but she has one super voice, you have to admit.

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis is a big Christmas fan and last night she gave the X Factor the Christmas feel as she performed on the show dressed in a glittery dress with lots of dancers in latex and christmas presents around her.

Leona took the stage to perform her Xmas tune One More Sleep, and has you can need by the photo above she looked like the fairly on the top of the tree.

The judges looked like they loved the pefromance as Nicole Scherzinger told her:

‘Oh my God, that was schamazing! Merry sch-Christmas!’

Leona admitted at the end of her performance that she was supporting favour to win Sam Bailey, and admitted that she had been ‘messaging her on Twitter’.

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Leona Lewis is one of the best female singers of all time. She’s still young and is finding her repertoire, so there is plenty more to come. I prefer her singing happy songs rather than the many bluesy songs she’s sung but that’s probably because I’d like to think of her as happy. In real life she is happy and looking forward to a long career with loving fans. Well, you’ve got me, Leona!