Leo goes too far and gets hurt in Eastenders

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The tension between Whitney and Leo escalated to a new level last night after his stalker habits resulted in both the police and the emergency medical services to get involved.

Although Whitney was initially open to being wooed by Leo, she quickly changed her mind after learning who his father was. Leo is the son of Tony King, who groomed and sexually abused Whitney when she was a child.

Although her recent split from Callum Highway made her more open to meeting someone new at the time, the revelation meant she wanted nothing to do with Leo after their one night of fun.

Leo so far has struggled to get the message, though. He’s repeatedly texted, called and followed her to the point where Whitney, Kat and Kush have vehemently turned against him.

His actions escalated to such a point where Whitney was finally forced to take action and tell the authorities.

Initially, celebrations were had when the police came to take Leo away for questioning. Whitney, Kat, Kush and Martin decided they deserved to let loose now that he was gone.

Not long after everyone started relaxing, Leo returned though. Upon catching sight of Whitney relaxing, he immediately approached her and got unnecessarily and unwantedly close with her.

Spotting that Whitney was under stress and that Leo had managed to return so quickly, Kush confronted him.

It initially seemed like, at worst, the two would engage in a small scuffle.

Out of nowhere though, Kush’s small shove sent Leo stumbling too far back before he tumbled off the balcony edge.

On first sight, it seemed like Leo was lying dead on the pavement.

Before viewers got to see if this was the end of Leo at Kush’s hands, the episode ended.

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