Len Goodman Doesn’t Want ‘That Much’ Money

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Len Goodman has slated BBC stars for moving over to ITV for the sake of bigger pay packets. Mr. Goodman is a loyal BBC devotee and it’s understandable that he’s so thankful to the BBC for his celebrity status. But why slate those who want to earn the maximum they can?

Len Goodman

Len Goodman has slated TV stars who have quit the BBC to go to ITV for bigger pay deals.

The head judge of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ accused those making the move for more money of having no loyalty.

“I can’t stand these people,” said Goodman. 

“The BBC made them what they are and then they shoot off to ITV. You have to be a bit loyal in this game.

“I’d never not do Strictly, it’s fantastic. I love it and without the BBC I would have got nothing.”

It’s likely that the veteran dancer could be aiming his criticism at his former fellow judge – and former ‘Strictly’ winner – Alesha Dixon.

Dixon quit the show to join the panel of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ with Simon Cowell in 2012.

But he could also be referring to Susanna Reid, the former BBC ‘Breakfast’ host who quit the Beeb to join ITV’s ailing ‘Good Morning Britain’.

Rumours have placed Reid’s salary from £400,000 up to as much as £1 million. 

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Len Goodman may not want to maximize his earnings for the time and effort he spends working, but why slate those who do. The clock is ticking… time is limited… unless you’re out to do something good for society (is entertainment in that category?) then why not make as much as you can in the shortest time possible. You may then might have more time to do the things you really want to do to help others.

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